“Wow, I’m amazed you can get them to keep their hats on,” said a mom beside me. I was pushing the boys on the swings and she was swinging with a little girl much younger than my boys.

“It’s been a long time comin’,” I laughed.

And then I was immediately transported back to the days where keeping their hats on was such a battle. My children are fair skinned like me, and if you’ve ever had a sunburn on your scalp, you know why I fight to keep the hats on.

I used to wonder if they’d ever willingly wear one. I wondered if I’d have to fight this battle forever.

But after that comment today, I realized that I made it-I survived that daily struggle. And we rarely struggle with it anymore.

It’s funny the way we can become so flustered and so overwhelmed and so caught up in the daily tornado of motherhood and forget to look at how far we’ve come-both as mothers and as children.

Of motherhood, my mom has always said, “As they grow, some things get easier, while other things get harder.”

And it’s true. Some of our daily struggles and battles have become easier or no longer exist. They can even sometimes pass without us recognizing it.

What I’m saying is: we’ve come this far. We’ve survived many seasons we never thought we would or could.

And yesterday’s battles have made us stronger and more well-equipped for the ones we face today.

Whatever you’re battling today is not forever.

Eventually, they wear the hat.

Eventually, they sleep through the night.

Eventually, they learn to follow directions (at least more frequently).

Eventually, you’ll have a little extra time to read a book or try a new recipe.

It can sometimes feel cruel when someone tells you to enjoy every moment of the season you’re in (especially when you’re sleep deprived or your ta-tas are cracked/bleeding or you’re deep in the trenches of PPA/PPD). Because some seasons are really, really hard.

So instead, I’ll tell you this-this battle is not forever. And you will make it out alive. And you will look back and admire your own strength.

Take breaks. Seek help. Find tiny ways to take care of you.

And take lots of pictures and videos, because it does go by quickly. You’ll even look back fondly at this season-the bad and the good-and feel pride in how far you all have come.

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