Renovation by Choice: The Master En Suite

After the vast amount of renovations the house underwent in 2021, we began to realize that all the newness almost highlighted all the…well, all the dull, faded “oldness.”

While the bathrooms were not terrible to look at, it was the cabinets that presented a more structural issue. It was impossible to baby-proof said cabinets because when I went to screw in the latches, the cabinet doors all but disintegrated. The paint on the cabinets and medicine cabinet doors were beginning to bubble up and peel, exposing layers of paint and years of wear.

We knew the big mirrors had to go, but we were nervous about what might be hiding underneath-water damage, warped dry wall, horrible paint…the possibilities are endless with an old house. Then, after tossing around ideas, we landed on shiplap-surprise, surprise. We figured shiplap could hide whatever might be lurking, while also maintaining a clean background for sleek new mirrors.

I know what you’re thinking-the whole en suite is shiplap. Well, that was a surprise to me, too. After having discussed the shiplap with Jimmy and the plans for the new bathroom, he worked closely with the carpenter while my sons and I stayed with my mom for a weekend. When Jimmy sent the bathroom updates, I was nervous about the full-coverage shiplap. After thinking we’d only do shiplap behind the mirrors, I thought this would be too much. However, once the shiplap was painted and the bathroom came together, I truly wouldn’t change a thing. To me, the miscommunication actually came out better than the original plan.

In one weekend’s time, the carpenter installed new cabinets, sinks, countertops, hardware and shiplap in both the master and guest bathrooms (guest bathroom reveal to come). We took our time planning and finding mirrors and other accents to finalize our dream bathroom.

Master bath sink: before and after. Swipe the arrows back and forth to compare.
Master bathroom vanity:before and after.
I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again-this house lacked STORAGE. I was keeping a lot of my cosmetics and beauty supplies in a roller cart underneath my original vanity. But having cabinets and a big make up drawer has changed my life.

The shower is actually a product of the 2021 renovation of our home post-storm. With the plumbing having experienced massive damage and pipes bursting left and right, the shower was demolished and rebuilt. While originally shopping for parts for rebuilding the shower, we had subway tiles in mind. Something simple and clean. However, we came across his gray, designed tile and fell in love. Why not allow the shower to make a statement? So we took the leap to go bold and we could not imagine it turning out any better.

While there are a few final touches to make, like a place to hang hand towels and something for above the toilet, we are beyond happy with how this bathroom renovation has turned out. More storage, sleek modern design-we feel like little by little we are settling in to this home and creating something all our own in our little corner of the world.

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