Is This Nesting?

I always thought nesting was an odd concept and an even odder term. I don’t think I even really knew what it was until it was brought up in a TV show.

Nesting is defined as this overwhelming feeling to organize or clean your house in preparation for a new baby. Just as mama birds build nests for their eggs, human mamas get their homes prepped and ready for newborns. It usually occurs during the last weeks of pregnancy and, as the old wives’ tale predicts, means you’re close to delivering.

Now, the reason I always found this a strange concept has to do with looking at pregnant women from a third party standpoint. The nearer women got to the end of a pregnancy, the more uncomfortable and downright unnatural the bump looked to me. How could they talk about scrubbing bath tubs and cleaning behind furniture? Was that even possible with that bump looming out in front of them? Don’t they want to just sit down? I think I would.

The further I got into my pregnancy, the more I thought nesting just wasn’t going to happen for me. I had no urge to clean. There was zero motivation to organize any of this chaos. Every fiber of my being wanted to sit or sleep. I was unable to stay “ahead of the curve,” meaning I let the dishes pile up, left the laundry unattended and then would get mad at myself for spending hours cleaning the kitchen (like, hello Megan, if you clean while you go, it won’t be hours of work later). And before you toss out the idea that my husband should do it, I argue that he is working a full time job. I am off for summer. I have literally nothing to do all day, so in all fairness, as a partnership, I should do it. (Even if I poke jokes that spending the day growing fingernails and eyeballs is, in fact, a full time job). Plus, when he offers to or does clean (because he is such a kind soul), imagine my guilt because I spent all day watching make-up hack videos on Facebook.  

Anyway, I assumed this nesting bug wouldn’t hit and I’d welcome my children into the “hot mess express” that is my home. And y’all…I couldn’t understand how I was so okay with that. I thought because they would be joining us earlier than 40 weeks that nesting would hit me sooner. I blamed it on the July heat, the fact that I was carrying two…the list goes on. I believed I would end up procrastinating, as is my nature, the preparation of my home for twins.

However, I woke up one week before hitting the third trimester with this need to go to Target . This actually isn’t all that out of the ordinary, but instead of going to sniff candles and look at baby clothes, I had this overwhelming urge to buy organizational tubs. Our guest bathroom (soon to be guest/kid’s bathroom) has a closet that needed a little attention. It was true “organized chaos.” One shelf had towels. Another shelf had all the lotion and hand sanitizer I’ve ever been gifted as a teacher, which is so much, I could open my own Bath and Body Works. Then another shelf was medication, and I’m sure if you moved things around enough, you could find some bandaids. This closet has always bothered me and I knew we’d need at least one shelf for hooded towels and baby bathing supplies.

So, after my Target run for organizational tools, I ripped everything out of the closet and started from scratch. We have a towel shelf, but this time they are stacked nicely and organized by beach towel and bath towel. I threw out all the medication that was expired (oops) and organized it in a bin (you can easily find bandaids now). And there is a shelf dedicated to baby supplies, like their hooded towels, medicines, and mat for sink baths.

Now I know what you’re thinking…I started nesting! I must have begun a trend of organizing and clearing away since that day.


After that, I was back to the couch for a few days with no urge to do any organizing of any type.

Then, a few days later, having spent the day on the couch binge watching Facebook videos of the Australian Bachelor, I felt this need to purge the nursery closet and get it organized for incoming gifts from the registry. I did the same thing where I ripped everything out and started from scratch. The closets in our guest bedroom and office, now nursery, were being used as storage units. Random knick knacks from college, old bags of shoes, Jimmy’s sports memorabilia…you name it and it was probably in there, all mixed up with baby items that had just arrived. I can proudly say that our children’s closet contains only things necessary for caring for newborns and is ready for more supplies. Not only did I organize the closet, I steamed the curtains in their room because they were looking a bit wrinkly. I know my newborn children will not notice this, but I will.

I thought I had turned a new leaf. I thought my brain was finally ready to start this nesting thing.

But again, I spent the next few days with very little need to “nest.”

On Monday, what officially marked the third trimester for me, I awoke with this need to clean everything. I focused on the master bedroom and bathroom, doing the normal cleaning routine of changing the sheets, dusting, and vacuuming. However, I began moving the nightstands and dressers to clean behind them (quite horrifying, really).  I vacuumed the lampshades and the drapes. I organized all the beauty supplies I own in the master bathroom. I dug deep and cleaned things I haven’t in a while.  I took all day “spring cleaning,” purging and organizing our master bedroom space. I was amped.

“This is it,” I thought. “The Energizer Bunny type of nesting is finally happening for me.”

And then, Tuesday rolled around. I spent the day on the couch, having not slept at all the night before. I watch Charlie’s Angels (which is way cheesier than I remember) and tried to take naps.

And then Wednesday, which is today, has come and gone with very little need to lift a finger. I was quite proud of myself for going on a mini-grocery trip today, which is exactly what it sounds like: a trip to the grocery store to get bare minimum. The essentials, if you will: bread, milk and eggs. And ice cream…

I have decided that God has gifted me with a different type of nesting. I guess for every one day of cleaning and organizing, I need four days to rest and recover before nesting again. And though I get anxiety seeing how much other pregnant women seem to have completed in preparation, especially when they aren’t as far along as I am, I have resorted to stay in my lane and stop comparing myself to other pregnancies. I have faith that everything will get done when it needs to get done. I am blessed to even have days to rest.

So, organizing the pantry can wait until my next wave of nesting. I’m just hoping these waves come a little more frequently…

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